Biden administration needs to avoid eliminating jobs amid pandemic, Scott says

Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., said Wednesday on “America’s Newsroom” the proposed $15 minimum wage increase will continue to kill millions of jobs during the pandemic and argued there is no “common sense” behind the move.

Scott made the comments after Republicans pushed back on the Democrats’ plans to bump the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Republican Senators Mitt Romney, R-Utah, and Tom Cotton, R-Ark., proposed a plan to gradually raise the federal minimum wage while ensuring businesses cannot hire illegal immigrants. Romney said “we must protect American workers.”

SEN. TIM SCOTT: “…I do like Cotton and Romney’s approach. First, it starts after the pandemic. Second, the increase is slower than the Biden plan and then finally, they make sure that American workers are not discriminated against. Those are three powerful pillars that we should focus on. Most importantly, we should recognize that in the middle of this pandemic, killing another two to four million jobs on top of millions of jobs lost during the pandemic is not common sense anywhere in America. So we need to avoid eliminating jobs in the middle of the pandemic and build something else that’s really important for us to recognize.