Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., ripped President Biden and congressional Democrats Friday for changing their view of the Senate filibuster rule, telling “Fox News Primetime” that they are invoking racism in order to scare Republicans.

Scott told host Brian Kilmeade it was both “frustrating and irritating” to see Democrats use the filibuster last year to block a police reform bill he proposed and claimed would have disproportionately helped the Black community.

“Here’s what we know about the Democrats,” Scott said. “They were for the filibuster before they were against the filibuster. I keep asking myself, ‘Will the real Chuck Schumer please stand up?’ Is it the one who was for the filibuster or is it the new one who is now against filibuster?”

Scott added that Democrats “use the word ‘racist’ whenever they are trying to scare people into their corner. It has nothing to do with race. But they don’t care. Winning at all costs means losing at some point.”

Turning to House Democrats’ massive election reform bill, the For The People Act, Scott said “every single part” of the measure “is designed to maintain power at all costs … even if they have to do things that are unethical.”

“[H.R. 1] eliminates all voter ID laws. They are going to allow for ballot harvesting to become the law of the land,” he said. “Legalized ballot harvesting, taxpayer-funded campaigns and prohibition of state voter ID laws should be a big, loud ‘fraud alert.'”

If the legislative filibuster is nixed, Democrats can pass H.R. 1 as long as they have no defections. Vice President Kamala Harris could break a 50-50 tie in Democrats’ favor; assuming no Republican sides with the majority.

Scott also argued that Biden was wrong to call the new Georgia election law racist, remarking that in North Carolina, a voter ID law actually increased Black participation in recent elections.

“So if you want to look at whether or not things have an impact, let’s study the numbers. They are not studying the numbers,” he said. “They are literally on the prowl for a liberal takeover of everything and then codifying it permanently by bringing in new states that have the overwhelming Democrat approach to governing.”