CHARLESTON, SC – Today, Senator Tim Scott released a new TV ad in support of his reelection campaign.

Entitled ‘Welcome,’ the 30-second video highlights the bigotry and intolerance Senator Scott has faced from the left. While Democrats claim to be the party of diversity and inclusion, Senator Scott has consistently been the target of racist attacks by liberals and their friends in the media.

“From reforming our burdensome tax laws to writing bills to fund and strengthen standards for police, I have made it my mission in Congress to deliver for the people of South Carolina and America. Unfortunately, the Left continues to run a divisive playbook because minorities who think for themselves represent an existential threat to their fracturing coalition,” said Senator Scott. “I refuse to back down because I know their attacks aren’t just about me—they want to scare all other conservative minorities into silence. A red wave is coming, and I look forward to growing the big tent that is the Great Opportunity Party.”

The Scott for Senate campaign previously released two additional TV spots entitled ‘Cotton to Congress’ and ‘Union Bosses.’ This latest release is part of a new six-figure ad buy that will run statewide in South Carolina.

To watch the full ad, click HERE.





My family went from cotton to Congress in one lifetime.

So, how did the Democrats and media welcome South Carolina’s first black senator?
When I wrote a bill strengthening policing, they called me Uncle Tim.
When I wrote a bill cutting taxes for single moms, they called me a prop.

The truth is, they want the issues, not the solutions, because they are interested in power, not progress.
I’m Tim Scott, and I approved this message because this is a fight we must win.