This week, Senator Tim Scott will launch his first ad in support of his reelection campaign.

Entitled “Cotton to Congress,” the ad highlights Senator Scott’s inspiring personal journey, from growing up in poverty to winning a seat in the United States Senate. In the 60-second ad, Senator Scott passionately details his dedication to conservative values and his hopeful vision for America.

At a time when Democrats are pitting Americans against each other with divisive rhetoric, Senator Scott is doubling down on his message of unity and hope.

The ad will begin airing in key media markets around South Carolina on Saturday, September 17th.


TIM SCOTT: My granddaddy was in the third grade when he stopped going to school and started picking cotton.

He never learned to read or write and grew up in the segregated South.

He didn’t let life’s challenges make him bitter—a victim. Instead, he taught me about faith, and hard work.

He refused to listen to those who wanted us to hate our country because of our past. Instead, he taught me to love America because of the promise of our future.

I was raised by that man, and my single mama, in poverty.

Because of their strength, their value, and this amazing land of opportunity, today, I represent you in the U.S. Senate.

That is why I will never back down, and never apologize, in defense of America and the conservative values that make us exceptional.

From cotton to Congress in one lifetime. God Bless America.

I’m Tim Scott, and I approve this message.