Senator Tim Scott released a statement on his vote against the new stimulus package that was approved by the Senate on Saturday.

They approved the package on a narrow 50-49 party-line vote.

Sen. Scott was one of the senators who voted against the package.

The statement from Sen. Scott can be seen below:

“In a made-for-television, twenty-four hour spectacle that left Capitol Hill paralyzed, Democrats rammed through a deeply partisan package that left more questions than answers. Ninety percent of this pork-filled bill is unrelated to the pandemic, less than ten percent of this bill is for COVID health care relief, and only one percent is designated for vaccines. To make matters worse, it creates slush funds to bail out states that mismanage their finances, has no requirements to get children back in the classroom, slows down our already recovering economy, discourages people from re-entering the workforce, and even provides stimulus checks to people in prison today. Simply put, this is not a ‘COVID relief package,’ it is a Trojan Horse for the radical Left’s progressive wish list.”