CHARLESTON, SC – In recent months, Senator Tim Scott has been crisscrossing the country, campaigning and raising money for key Republican candidates nationwide. As midterms approach, Senator Scott is committed to helping the GOP win back majorities in both chambers to place a check on the Biden agenda.

This week, Real Clear Politics took a look at his message, ground game, and fundraising efforts he’s leveraging to support candidates across the country to ensure Republicans win big in November.

Key excerpts are available below.

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On Stumping for Candidates Nationwide:

“This election cycle alone, the South Carolina Republican has headlined or served on the host committees for 31 events for GOP candidates and organizations in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Oklahoma, California, Iowa, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. Before Election Day, he scheduled to headline events for all targeted Senate races with trips to Pennsylvania, Nevada, Ohio, North Carolina, and Wisconsin.”


On Raising Money for Key GOP Candidates:

“With his new star power, Scott has become one of his party’s most prolific fundraisers … Scott has raised more than $70 million this cycle and has spent tens of millions of dollars either directly giving to candidates in hard-dollar donations … or through big-dollar donations from his super PAC…

With more spending planned in the final weeks of the campaign, Scott has already doled out $640,500 in hard-dollar donations directly to candidates and party committees, including $260,000 to federal candidates. Related PACs and entities have also given hundreds of thousands of dollars to the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the Senate GOP’s campaign arm.”


On Making Unprecedented Contributions to Campaign Committees:

“Just last week, Opportunities Matters Fund, a new super PAC tied to Scott, cut a $5 million check to the main super PAC linked to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, which is spending millions on advertising in key Senate races this year.

Such a large donation from a single senator who isn’t a member of the elected House or Senate GOP leadership is exceedingly unusual, if not entirely unprecedented, GOP insiders tell RCP.

Besides the $5 million check, Opportunity Matters Fund spent an additional $17 million on behalf of GOP organizations and candidates this cycle in independent expenditures and expects to spend millions more.

McConnell … was so grateful for the windfall that he gave Tim Scott a shout-out during a recent Senate GOP conference lunch, a knowledgeable source told RCP.”


The full article is available HERE.