Cancel culture has given a free pass to the liberals who launched racial attacks against Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., after his rebuttal speech to President Biden’s address last week.

In his speech, Scott declared that while he has faced racism in his life, “America is not a racist country.”

Almost immediately after Scott’s speech ended, liberals on Twitter caused the term “Uncle Tim” — a play on the racial slur “Uncle Tom” — to trend for hours on the social media network until the site forcibly took it down.

However, whereas conservatives would have been raked through the hot coals in the kangaroo court of cancel culture for doing so, liberals have gotten a free pass for calling Scott multiple racial slurs.

In fact, Republicans were quick to call out the attacks while prominent Democrats and liberal advocacy organizations, such as Black Lives Matter and the NAACP, stayed silent.

“It is no secret that the media and the Democrat Party are in cahoots, and their refusal to police the racial epithets directed at Sen. Tim Scott is just proof of this fact,” Rep. Byron Donalds, R-Fla., told Fox News.

“Activist journalists and social media tycoons are only in business to benefit their political interest, which will come at the expense of anyone who doesn’t follow their leftist ideology,” Donalds, who is Black, added.

Texas Democratic Party official Gary O’Connor referred to Scott as an “oreo” — a racial slur meaning a Black person perceived as acting White — in a post on his personal Facebook page.

O’Connor faced swift backlash online, later apologizing for the slur and offering his resignation from his position, but the Texas Democratic Party refused his resignation.

The refusal sparked backlash from Republicans in the House, with Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, announcing a resolution to condemn the Texas Democratic Party for allowing O’Connor to retain his position after calling Scott an “oreo.”

“The Democratic Party of Texas’s refusal to condemn a racist remark by their Lamar County chair and the county party’s refusal to accept his resignation is astounding,” Fallon said. “Had a Republican chair made this remark, Democrats would be in the streets demanding his or her resignation.”

“If the Democrats didn’t have double standards, they’d have no standards at all,” Fallon added. “They must be held accountable.”

Liberal comedian Scott Nevins apologized on Twitter and scrubbed his board membership with DAP Health — an AIDS health organization — from his social media accounts after tweeting that Scott was “uncle Tom’ing it for his life,” calling his comments an “ironic joke.” That appeared to be enough to retain his board seat.

“Personal opinions expressed by individual board members do not represent the opinions or policies of DAP Health. DAP Health does not manage or have input on personal social media for its board members,” the organization previously told Fox News.

Nevins has also referred to both Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson — both of whom are Black — by the same racial slur in the past.

Other progressives online have also been spared the wrath of cancel culture for using the slur, such as MSNBC journalist Touré and rapper Luther Campbell.

Liberal media outlets didn’t give much coverage to the racial slur trending online, either, with the Washington Post instead choosing to quote an activist who had used the slur in a passive mention of the controversy.

“Trotting out sycophantic Black folks who will serve as apologists for white supremacy is a tried-and-true tactic that racists have used for centuries,” Bishop Talbert Swan told the Post.

“He was among those who spent the hours after Scott’s speech tweeting using the #UncleTim hashtag, a derisive reference to Uncle Tom,” the Post reported.

Scott addressed the slur during a “Fox and Friends” interview last week in which he called the left’s attempt to end discrimination through the use of “more discrimination.”

“Intolerance so often comes from the left with words like ‘Uncle Tim’ and the ‘n-word’ being used against me,” Scott said. “And last night what was trending in social media was ‘Uncle Tim,’ and they doubled down on this concept of liberal oppression. It is stunning in 2021 that those who speak about ending discrimination want to end it by more discrimination.”

“The left has doubled down that they are going to, not attack my policies, but they’re literally attacking the color of my skin,” he added.