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Shutdown Revealed Failures

Senator Scott's Op-Ed on GreenvilleOnline.com

It’s time for us to fix the massive structural problem that led to the shutdown so we can avoid it in the future — whether the core of the dispute is Obamacare or any other issue.

6th November 2013

Great Scott!

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott sits down with the American Spectator

Scott leans back in his chair, legs crossed, hands folded. He’s a master of the deadpan delivery, so his jokes are all the funnier in that they arrive unannounced.

31st October 2013

Stop Washington’s Spending Addiction

With a national debt at more than $17 trillion, we need to tell Washington to stop its spending addiction.

If you agree with me, sign my petition and help me send them a message:

24th October 2013

“Best is Yet to Come” for Businesses

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott speaks at the Chamber's Industry Appreciation Luncheon

U.S. Sen. Tim Scott addressed a crowd of around 200 people Monday at the Greater Summerville/Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce Industry Appreciation Luncheon.

24th October 2013