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AP: Tim Scott wins GOP primary

Sen. Tim Scott has handily won today’s Republican primary, the first step in his effort to win his first election as a U.S. Senator. Early returns showed Scott with more than 90 percent of the vote over challenger Randall Young, according to the Associated Press.

16th June 2014

Tim Scott running full bore campaign against minimal opposition

This will be Scott’s first official defense of the seat in a statewide election.
During an interview last week, Scott, 48, said there has been a learning curve unique to the Senate he’s had to sift through during his time in Washington.
“To make progress you certainly have to be willing to understand that persistence and patience will lead to progress,” he said.

27th May 2014

Scott faces retired farmer in primary

Scott held 146 public meetings in the first 13 months of his appointment to learn what citizens wanted from their new senator. But more recently, he undertook an undercover guise to hear what people really thought, volunteering at one point at a Goodwill Center in Greenville, working at a burrito restaurant elsewhere and riding public buses in Charleston.

17th May 2014

American Conservative Union PAC Endorses Senator Tim Scott

“Senator Scott, with a lifetime rating of 97 [from the American Conservative Union], has wasted no time in bringing his plans to return the U.S. to economic prosperity through free enterprise to the Senate, and is someone conservatives across the country can turn to for leadership,” the ACU PAC announced in its endorsement.

5th May 2014