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Congress is debating whether or not protection should be given to unborn children who can feel pain. I am a firm believer that life is precious and we must do all that we can to protect it.

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Tim is working to create better relationships between police officers and the communities they serve.

31st October 2016


Education means dignity and freedom.

20th October 2016

Video: Most Proud

Since Tim Scott has been in the United States Senate, he has worked tirelessly to protect and promote the interests of South Carolinians.  However, what he is most proud of is the work he’s done with our veterans.

15th October 2014

Everyday Jobs

Americans are looking for the opportunity to work hard and pursue their own American Dreams. Tim Scott talks about the everyday jobs he’s been doing to talk with folks in South Carolina.

29th May 2014

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About Tim

South Carolina Values

As a member of the United States Senate, Tim Scott is leading a new generation of Republicans. His unique life story offers a fresh perspective as to how conservative values can unleash opportunity for all Americans.

Tim was raised in a single parent household in North Charleston, seeing his mom work 16 hour days to keep food on the table and a roof over their heads. He got his first job, changing oil at a gas station, when he was 13. After almost failing out of high school as a freshman, he was fortunate to meet his mentor, a Chick Fil-a operator named John Moniz, who helped teach him conservative values. Through the love and strength imparted by his mom, and Moniz’s idea that you could ‘think your way out of poverty,’ Tim’s passion for conservative values began.

After serving residents of the Palmetto State for nearly two decades, Tim joined the United States Senate in January 2013. In 2014, he received 61 percent of the vote in a special election – higher than any other candidate running for statewide office in South Carolina.

With Republicans taking control of the Senate in 2014, Tim was tapped to serve on the powerful Senate Finance Committee, as well as the Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs. As he continues his efforts to ensure simple and fair tax and regulatory systems for the American people, these assignments provide him with a substantial role in the reform process.

Tim also continues to serve on the Committee on Health, Education, Labor, & Pensions, where through his Opportunity Agenda he has become a national leader in the school choice movement, as well as efforts to encourage vocational and technical training and expand apprenticeships. And throughout his time in Washington, Tim has led the charge to take the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) head on, fighting Big Labor policies such as ambush elections.

Prior to joining the Senate, Tim built his business from the ground up, and as the owner of Tim Scott Allstate was named the South Carolina Agency Owner of the Year. He was first elected to public office in 1995, and served at the local and state level until his election to Congress in 2010. Tim spent his first summer in the U.S. House of Representatives fighting to save 1,100 South Carolina jobs from the intrusive and overreaching actions of the NLRB. The NLRB eventually dropped their case under constant pressure from Scott and his colleagues – a victory for limited government and the free market.

Tim graduated from Charleston Southern University in 1988, B.S. in Political Science, and was awarded the Distinguished Service Award and Alumnus of the Year award by CSU. His past Board Memberships include: CSU Board of Visitors, South Carolinians for Healthy Family Formation, Midland Park Ministries, The College of Charleston Business School Board of Governors, Roper St. Francis Hospital Foundation, Board of Trustees for Seacoast Church and Palmetto Family Council.